Zela Aviation, a leading aviation brokerage firm based in Greece, Cyprus and the UK, is proud to announce a deal between EasyJet and the municipality of Sitia, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to boost traffic and tourism in the Sitia region of Crete.

In October 2022, Zela Aviation had taken over consultancy of Sitia Airport with ambitious goal of expanding its network and increasing overall airport traffic. Through strategically long efforts, Zela Aviation is proud to unveil the successful culmination of these efforts, as EasyJet is set to commence operations to Sitia Airport for the Summer 2024 season which paves the way for Sitia as an alternative gateway to Crete in 2024.

Starting from June and continuing through end of August, EasyJet will operate three flights per week, two from Naples and one from Milan to Sitia Airport. This new route not only enriches the travel options for passengers but also serves as a catalyst for economic growth and tourism in the area. Zela Aviation’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and promoting regional tourism has played a pivotal role in attracting EasyJet to Sitia Airport.

Leveraging its extensive industry expertise and relationships with airlines all around the globe, Zela Aviation successfully brokered this strategic partnership, marking a significant achievement in the company’s mission to elevate Sitia Airport’s status and awareness in Greece.

Zela Aviation since it’s established has long offered a consultancy service to airport all around Europe to support and give growth to their respective regions and airports. In the last 2 years Zela Aviation has picked up more of a demand from the airports for these services and particularly in Greece where there are many airports that have potential growth of traffic for tourism as Greece continues to be a leader in the tourism sector every year and is growing stronger each year on.

Zela Aviation since establishment in 2006 has been active in the field of aircraft wet / dry leasing, chartering and aircraft sales maintaining offices in Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom. Zela Aviation has and remain to provide a range of services for its clients located in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Its leading position, track records throughout the years, and complimented by its very well – trained staff, make Zela Aviation a solid and reliable partner worldwide.


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