About ZA

With 12 years presence in the industry of Aircraft Sales, Leasing (ACMI and Dry Lease) Aircraft Capacity Management, Zela Aviation has gained the loyalty of its clients globally and the reputation of a reliable partner to its business.

With offices in Cyprus, London and Manchester, Zela Aviation has direct exposure into European, Asian and Northern African Markets working with many leading EU independent Tour Operators and a range of airlines.

Highly Specialised

Zela offers to the marketplace a 24hour ACMI service, actively marketing any spare capacity that its extensive client base may have available. Zela is also active in the short and long term ACMI leasing of aircraft to airlines that need to address seasonal demand, temporary fleet structure problems and expansion of network or charter work, to cover technical problems, scheduled maintenance inputs, program disruptions and so on.


Meeting our Customers’ Needs

Since its inception Zela Aviation has successfully placed a wide range of narrow bodied aircraft across the world for clients including national flag carriers on medium to long term ACMI contracts whether they be full wet leases or damp leases.


Our Experience

Zela Aviation has built its reputation from working with a wide range of Airlines and Tour Operators across the world in providing aviation solutions whether they be ACMI or All Inclusive Charters dependent on each client’s needs.

From this we have a wealth of experience on handling ACMI leases whether they be wet or damp, ranging from ATR742 equipment to A340 or larger.


What Zela Aviation Promises You

✈Access:To small or large passenger jets from recognised carriers worldwide.
✈Trust: The essential ingredient for any long-term business relationship.
✈Value:Clearly visible to our clients/suppliers as we deliver what we promise.
“Understanding the market is the key to our success.”

✈Confidentiality:Your flight is confidential and commercial details remain secret.