Zela Aviation, the well established Aviation Brokerage Company with a 16 years presence in the Aviation field of Aircraft Sales, Wet/Dry lease, Charter flights, ACMI and Consultancy, maintains offices in Limassol, Athens and London. 

Zela Aviation Athens office opened in September 2019 with a vision to enhance its strategic position, slightly postponed due to the occurred worldwide pandemic, only to come back stronger now that the world opens up and a new era starts for Aviation. 

Adapting to Aviation’s needs and ready to assist the market’s requests in the most suitable way, Zela Aviation Athens Office expands its team with highly experienced and well educated staff, ready to offer you the best possible service. We are delighted to present you our team along with a small bio of each member

Zela Aviation & Zela Jet Group

Andreas Christodoulides

Mr. Christodoulides, Chairman of Zela Aviation, leading by example with his long devotion and giving to Aviation as well as with his great history in Air Charter Brokering, establishes Zela Aviation as a solid and trustworthy chartering business, exceeding customer expectations service and knowledge delivering always at the highest standard.

Yiannis Christodoulides

Yiannis, Director of Zela Jet, soon after graduating university in London went into the family business of private yachting as a chartering manager. During the pandemic, Yiannis saw a demand and growth of private jets in East Mediterranean region and founded the company Zela Jet. Zela Jet is newly established brand of a well-established brokerage firm Zela Aviation, focusing on the chartering of private jets and helicopters.

Zenon Christodoulides

Zenon, Director of Zela Aviation, soon after graduating university in the UK joined into the family business of Aviation with full commitment, dedication and passion with a goal to expand Zela Aviation & Zela Jet’s domestic and global presence. 

Zela Aviation Charter, ACMI & Commercial Team

Markos Kallias

Markos joined Zela Aviation in November 2021 as Business Developer and ACMI executive. Markos is a graduate from the University of Leeds in Aviation Technology Management. He was living in the UK before moving to Greece to join Zela Aviation, where he gained experience while working for in customer service for Jet2, flight operations for Flightworx and also as a project coordinator for the Civil Aviation Authority focusing on Eurocontrol projects and airspace modernisation initiatives for the UK. Being passionate for airplanes since he was a child, he is keen to experience the restart of the airline industry through the projects that Zela Aviation is involved with.

Eleni Charitou

Eleni joined Zela Aviation in January 2022 as Aircraft Sales and Charter Executive. Eleni has studied Travel and Tourism Management and has an extensive career of more than 20 years in Aviation industry both in Europe and Middle East. A vast experience, from ticketing and airport sales to customers service and from aircraft sales to pilots ground training support, obtained by working for international airlines as well as VVIP private carriers which include Air France for 13 consecutive years, Falcon Aviation Services, HH Private Office Abu Dhabi and Etihad Airways to name a few. She is also fluent in 3 languages. 

Elena Tzannou

Elena joined Zela Aviation on September 2019 as a Regional Manager and Head of Aircraft Sales. Elena has over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry and specializes in ACMI (WET) lease with long- and short-term chartering. Elena began her career in aviation from Virgin Atlantic Airlines, and then joined Axon Airlines, quickly evolving as cabin chief. In 2004 she worked in the commercial department of Greek brokerage company Κ&Κ Aviation Services, where she was responsible for the chartering and management of aircraft of Greek and foreign companies.

Evangelos Ignatiou

Evangelos Ignatiou is a dynamic professional in Zela Aviation’s ACMI department. With his expertise and commitment, he joined the company in September 2022 coming from a strong background in the tourism industry and later working in the airport industry specializing in Sales and PR in Greece, he has been contributing significantly to Zela Aviation starting in Dry Lease department and now in the ACMI team. His passion for aviation fuels his dedication to excellence in the industry.

Eirini Ragouski

Eirini is a dedicated professional in Zela Aviation’s accounting department, bringing her expertise to the team since August 2022 leading the accounting for the Athens Office. With a strong financial background and a commitment to precision, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial health and success of the company.

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