By calling upon the fleets of aircraft operated by the world’s airlines we secure aircraft for contracts required on a regular cycle (daily, weekly or monthly), utilizing our in-depth knowledge of market trends, airline availability and pricing policy. Zela Aviation will choose the right airline partner that will deliver consistent reliability, service, security standards and on-time operations. We are able to service requirements for full, part, seat allocation and ad-hoc charters. We can maximize utilization of empty-legs and offer flexibility when the whole charter is not appropriate while supporting existing charters by handling sales to other tour operators. Consolidation flights are useful in developing new routes at minimum risk.

Through an international network of airlines, Zela Aviation is able to find air charter products in advance of open market availability and react to opportunities in the market to maximize capacities. We provide a comprehensive advisory service for new operators, delivering live information on prices and availability.

Whilst we offer a wide range of air charter and air commerce related services, our clients are drawn from an equally wide range of businesses and individuals. However, our solutions are bespoke because each requirement, whether it is from a new client or an existing one, is met with an individually tailored response that is exactly suited to the client’s needs.  There are many reasons for chartering an aircraft, company conferences, incentive trips, international road shows, product launches etc. We are determined to find the most suitable aircraft at the most competitive rates for any global journey for any reason or purpose. In addition, we also provide a comprehensive advisory service for new operators, delivering information on prices and availability.

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