Component Maintenance and Service

Different types if special components shops and offices spread across an area of 2000 sq. meters.

  • Avionic Shop

The avionics shop provides maintenance, repair and overall of the aircraft avionics components with the following capability and in accordance with the Component Maintenance Manuals:

  • Power Unit of Reading Light
  • Fluorescent Window Light
  • Ballast Unit Light
  • Coffee Maker
  • Passenger Entertainment System
  • Communication equipment
  • Hydrostatic Test Shop

Hydrostatic Test Shop performs hydrostatic testing, maintenance, repair and overhaul of compressed gas cylinders in accordance with the manufacturer’s Component Maintenance Manuals


  • Battery Shop

The Battery Shop performs maintenance, repair and overhaul of batteries in accordance with the Component Maintenance Manuals.


  • A310 main battery
  • B737 main battery
  • Saab 340B main battery
  • Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 main battery
  • Cessna 208 main battery
  • An-24, An-26, Mi-8 main battery
  • Composite Shop


The function of the composite shop is to repair composite laminates, cored flight control surfaces, radomes, cabin interior items, various structural parts of fiberglass and carbon fibre fiberglass Kevlar “advanced composite” according to the manufacturer Structural Repair Manual (SRM) and Component Maintenance Manuals.

  • Emergency Equipment Shop

Emergency Equipment Shop maintains, repairs and overhauls the airplane escape slides, life rafts, life vests in accordance with the manufacturer’s Component Maintenance Manuals.

  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Shop

The Nitrogen & Oxygen Shop charges aircraft nitrogen and oxygen bottles. The shop is equipped with US manufactured nitrogen and oxygen generators.

  • Machine Shop

The Machine Shop supports airplane and component maintenance services and processes standard raw material of metals and plastics by industrial high precision, easy programming and fast processing heavy duty machines.

  • NDT and Calibration Shop

Non-destructive Test is used during airplane, engine and component inspections to detect surface or internal discontinuities and defect of parts without any deterioration of the geometric configuration or property of parts.

The shop testing, calibration equipment and inventory is certified and meets the requirement of standard of MNS ISO / IEC 17025:2007 as NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING AND METROLOGY LAVORATORY to perform non-destructive inspection and calibration of measuring instruments and measurements. Staff have been examined and certified in accordance with the European Standard EN4179.

  • Sheet Metal Shop

This shop is designated to perform sheet metal and tube repair works, modification and fabrication for airplane maintenance, modification services and other applicable industrial sheet metal works according to appropriate approvals and the applicable aircraft Structure Repair Manuals (SRM) and Component Maintenance Manuals.

  • Typical skin repairs
  • Replacement of Components
  • Allowable damage repairs
  • Corrosion repairs
  • Repair and fabrication of flexible and rigid pipe and tubes
  • Fabrication of control cables
  • Soft Element Shop

The Soft Element Shop performs soft element sewing works and other applicable industrial general sewing works according to appropriate approvals and applicable Component Maintenance Manual and engineering drawings.

The Scope of work of includes, but is not limited to, minor repair and fabrication of the following components:

  • Passenger and crew seat cover
  • Passenger seat belt
  • Pilot and Flight Attendant lap belt assembly and restraint system assembly
  • Cargo net and Separation net assembly
  • Cabin Curtains
  • Thermal acoustic and insulation blankets
  • Welding Shop

The welding shop has the capability to perform shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding (TIG), gas metal arc welding (MIG), spot welding to support both aircraft component welding and any general welding required for facility maintenance.  In addition to this,  the shop can perform metallurgy works such as casting and heat treatment of aluminium alloy, steel and cast iron.


  • Wheel and Brake Shop

The Wheel and Brake Shop function is to change tyres, repair and overhaul wheels, heat stack change and overhaul of metal brake components in accordance with the Component Maintenance Manuals.

  • Tyre change an overhaul for B737, B767, Fokker 50, Saab-340 and Avro RJ-85
  • Repair and overhaul for B737 brake assembly and other metal brakes.
  • Planting Shop


The function of the Planting Shop is to support aircraft component and parts maintenance, repair and overhaul by means of applying special planting / coating techniques such as chromium, cadmium, anodizing and electroless nickel plating to protect parts surface against various corrosions and wears using applicable manufacturer Component Maintenance Manuals and Standard Overhaul Practice Manuals (SOPM).

The shop also provides decorative planting on parts by anodizing process.

The panting shop has electro plating tank with the capacity of 22gl (600x300x450mm) for three types of plating line:

  • Chromium and cadmium plating (electro plating) – 4 pcs of 22gl tank
  • Anodizing plating (electro planting) – 3 pcs of 65gl tank
  • Nickel plating (electroless plating) – 1 pc of 22gl tank

All consumables, chemicals or powders required for plating are stored in accordance with the latest industrial safety standards.

  • Design Shop

The Design Shop plays an important role in the fabrication of aircraft parts and components implementing the latest industry design software and hardware, the highly qualified team designs, engineers and fabricates various parts and components using industry standard, applicable manufacturer Component Maintenance Manual and approved engineering drawing and data.

The design shop is also capable of manufacturing and designing aircraft interior and exterior placards, stickers for maintenance marking and stencils for exterior livery application.

The scope of work of the Design Shop includes:

  • Laser cutting and engraving: 1320x2540mm
  • CNC milling and engraving: 2020x3020mm
  • Full-colour 3D printing for rapid prototyping and model making
  • 3D scanning of reverse engineering, 3D inspection, digital mock-ups
  • Fabrication of interior and exterior placards and stickers
  • Fabrication of stencil for aircraft exterior livery application
  • Fabrication of industrial used standard safety signs