“ACMI (Aircraft Crew Maintenance and Insurance) is a highly specialised field, requiring attention to detail which is  essential to ensure that all customer and supplier needs are met in both a timely and operationally-sound manner.”

With thousands of airlines operating worldwide, you need to be confident that the solution presented to you is based on sound trading experience and choose the option that better meets your requirements.  Our Aircraft Leasing team has considerable aircraft charter and lease management experience going back many years.

Zela Aviation offers to the marketplace a 24 hour ACMI department, meeting airline needs to find suitable capacity to cover technical problems, scheduled maintenance inputs etc. We work with leading airlines around the world in requesting and supplying numerous aircraft types to assist carriers who need to resolve problems that may have arisen within their own fleet structure.  In addition, we actively market any spare capacity that our extensive client base may have available.Our expertise ensures that all aspects of the client and supplier airlines’ requirements are met.  We are able to provide aircraft anywhere in the world to meet short, medium and long term requirements.

We provide a variety of leasing packages (short, medium or long term) with a number of options available to you, which include:

•        Damp Leasing (flight deck crew only or partial compliment of cabin)

•        Wet Leasing (full crew)

For ACMI (Damp/Wet lease) requirements please send us an email to: